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NAME: Vivian & Rocco
SHELTER: https://www.rescueleague.org/dogs
BREED: Standard Poodle
GENDER: Female & Male
AGE: 8 & 4
STORY: Rocco is a lucky boy, his mom, Vivian, hasn’t sued him to move out…

In fact his mom is looking to find a home that they can stay together in forever, despite the fact that Rocco doesn’t pay rent, or do any housework, he can be kind of messy, and sometimes be loud.

All kidding aside, Vivian and Rocco truly are a mother-son pair and they are each others security blanket, looking to find a home for both of them!

Calling all poodle aficionados! Vivian and Rocco are the poodle pair for you.

Neither one is incredibly brave when it comes to new people or new things, having lived a secluded life. They know other dogs and do well with them, but quick movements from people really throw them for a loop.

Ideally, these two would find a home in a quiet area with a well fenced yard, making it possible for them to get to know their new family, and so that they can practice walking on leash, as right now it is a bit sloppy and dramatic.

Rocco and Vivian will require regular grooming, they didn’t just wake up with these hairstyles, and styling they are!

Come on down during our open adoption hours and talk to the staff to see if these two poodles are right for you!


NAME: Pride
SHELTER: https://www.manchesteranimalshelter.org/animals/
BREED: Labrador/Bassett Hound Mix
AGE: 3
STORY: Hi Everyone! My name is Pride and I am a 3 yr. old Lab/basset mix and I have been looking for a home for awhile now. I’ve a tried a couple here and there but I’m still waiting on my forever home.

Maybe it’s because I’m on the small side and people tend to think I’m a cuddle bug that likes to just hang around the house. But that’s not true at all!

I like adventures! But wait! I’m not talking crazy ones like climbing Mt. Everest – think smaller adventures. I love water, hikes, tugging (did I mention tugging??!!) and just being on the go.

My brain likes a workout too. I love to learn new games and tricks and boy does it tire me out! Check out my video!

I’m pretty chill with other dogs and new people (a new home, new people and new dogs may take some time to adjust to but I’m up for it)!

No little ones for me though because I like to keep my stuff for myself (food, toys, bones) and those little ones are too grabby. Even the ones that don’t live with you but you babysit all the time, or those cute grandkids that visit all the time – they would be too much for me too! I might like an older teen – not sure though I haven’t met many!

The good news is – I have a trainer and she comes with me (for free!) while I get settled into my new home. She can show you how I know to touch, leave it, spin, stay, down and give (I think I may be learning more, I love to train!). And these just aren’t cool tricks, they will help me adjust to my new home.

I really want a home to call my own and someone who will love me forever in this adventure we call life!


SHELTER: https://www.manchesteranimalshelter.org/animals/
BREED: Pit Bull Terrier
AGE: 10
STORY: Meet Handsome Mel! He is looking for a new retirement home at 10 yrs. young. He is a sweet, gentle and easy going soul. He loves to be outside walking or snuggled on the couch with you. He may get along with a calm easygoing dog and calm dog savvy cat. He was found abandoned in the bushes in Manchester, but this sweet boy is quick to forgive. Do you have a loving home that is in need of this lovable fella? If you are interested, come by the Manchester Animal Shelter to meet him!

SHELTER: https://www.rescueleague.org/dogs
BREED: Mixed Breed
AGE: 1
STORY: Hi! I’m Ray. One thing you should know about me right off the bat… I can’t see! Not a thing. But don’t feel bad for me, I’ve never known anything else. My eyes simply did not develop the way they should have, so I became the special boy that I am. I know that people often hear this and feel bad for me, but there’s no need to be sad. I’m not sad! In fact, I am probably the most joyful dog you will ever meet. I am super brave (no vision? no problem), I love to meet new friends, and I am just an absolute pleasure to be around, if I do say so myself. I love to be pet, and finding a human friend is my favorite, I get so excited when I find someone to pet me! You will fall in love with my gentle nature and brave, kind soul. Just meet me, you’ll see.

Because I am a little bit different than most dogs, I am looking for a special home. My dream home does not have a lot of stairs, and does not have any little kids (little kids can be scary when you can’t see!). My new family will need to understand what goes into adopting a blind dog, and be understanding of my needs. It may sound scary, but I promise you will be amazed by how unphased I am- as far as I am concerned, I’m just like any other dog.

Are you willing to open your heart and home to a special dog like me? Give me a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are looking for someone special like me, please come and meet with me at The Animal Rescue League of NH.

NAME: Bubba & Smudge
SHELTER: https://www.rescueleague.org/cats
GENDER: Male (Fixed)
AGE: 13
STORY: Have you always wanted a dog, but just don’t have the time and energy that is required for a dog? Are you of the mindset that two is always better than one? Well… we have the answer!

Bubba and Smudge!

Bubba and Smudge are two incredibly sweet cats that are looking for retirement together. They are merely 13 years old and have the personalities of dogs. Bubba is your lazy pup. He’s all about the belly rubs and the vegging out in front of the tv, while Smudge, is the greeter. He wants to be in the middle of the action. Though, one thing you should know about Smudge… he can’t see. He gets around just fine though, and likes having Bubba for guidance. They both love to be held. Don’t mind going for the occasional car ride, but really just want to hang out with you!

They are both declawed on their front feet. They haven’t been around other cats or dogs, but could potentially integrate with a dog that didn’t care about them and just left them to their own devices. Kids are cool… they have hands that are useful for petting, which they can’t get enough of.

Bubba and Smudge are an amazing duo, they’ve even won the hearts of bona fide dog people. These are cats you have to meet!

Please come and meet with them at The Animal Rescue League of NH.

NAME: Petey
SHELTER: https://www.manchesteranimalshelter.org/animals/
BREED: American Bulldog
AGE: 7 1/2
STORY: This handsome young man is a 7 1/2 year old American Bulldog that was abandoned at the shelter. He is sweet and cuddly and seems to like other dogs. Petey loves to play with toys and is a super easy going gentle giant. He would make a perfect companion!! He also does well with other dogs. Petey is currently in a foster home. Come by the Manchester Animal Shelter to fill out an application!

Past Adoptable Pets of the Week Still In Need of Forever Homes

NAME: Hanzel
SHELTER: https://www.manchesteranimalshelter.org/animals/
BREED: Pit Bull Terrier
AGE: 8
STORY: Let me tell you a little about myself my name is Hanzel (I also respond to the name Handsome BOL) and I’m a 8 year old sophisticated Pitbull. Wait a minute I know what you are thinking and no I’m not a lazy old dog. Actually I’m a very energetic, active, happy go lucky, smart, beaming pup who would love for you to take the time to get to know me. Ok no I’m not a puppy anymore but older pups have a lot of benefits that you may not have considered. For instance, I’m housebroken, crate trained and have some of my basic education under my fur. I’m very fluent in sit, paw and very willing to learn more. I don’t beg, ok maybe I do a little, but I’m not rude and won’t steal your food. If I’m patient enough it usually pays off with being rewarded with one of my own treats. I’m very attentive and willing to attempt most anything when I’m bribed with cookies. I’m well past my chewing stage so your furniture is safe, but please remember to give me my own toys that are acceptable to chew on. I’m an avid believer that in order to stay happy and healthy one must be diligent in maintaining a regular exercise routine. I enjoy going for walks, trail seeking, playing in the yard and running around like a nut. My leash skills are not horrible but I can admit when something needs improving. I enjoy playing with toys and can entertain myself if need be. I love to entertain my audience and will be the first pup to let my fur down. At the end of the day after play sessions, exercise and fun it’s time to relax cuddled up to you. We can do whatever you want as long as I’m with you. Some other things you should know, unfortunately I have absolutely no social skills, manners or fondness when it comes to any of my furry friends. Some pups rub me the wrong way and I can be bratty when passing them by (please make sure I’m leashed at all times when out in public). I need someone who will take the time to teach me how to ignore my surroundings and concentrate my focus on you. Another thing is that I don’t understand kids and they tend to make me nervous, so a home where I can be your one and only kid is necessary. I have a heart of gold and wear my emotions on my paws. I’m looking for someone who will make the effort, be dedicated and work with me on some of my short comings. No one is perfect, nor do I claim to be, but I’m very loyal and loving. If I extend my paw will you extend your hand? I hope so because if you give me a chance I promise to make you proud. Come down to the Manchester Animal Shelter for a visit and say hi. I’m waiting to meet the first person I will see when I wake up and the last person I will fall asleep next to.

NAME: Georgia
FOSTER FAMILY: jgallagher10@yahoo.com
GENDER: Female
AGE: 13
STORY:  Meet Miss Georgia! She is a very friendly kitty who enjoys her human company, some hands on time and lots of TLC. She would probably be happiest as an only pet, but her vet feels that there is a possibility of her tolerating another male cat, and perhaps even adapting to a cat friendly dog. Georgia was the barn cat at Live and Let Live Farm for many years, until she became ill and had to retire. She does have her claws, but has not scratched or clawed any carpet or furniture at her foster family’s home. She is up to date on all of her vaccines and is negative for feline leukemia and feline aides. Miss Georgia also just had a dental cleaning and had 5 teeth removed (because of this, her vet now feels it would be best if she gets a dental cleaning once per year). Georgia does have hyperthyroidism which although can not be cured, is an easily treatable disease. The two ways to treat the disease are either with a specific diet or medication. Her foster family has chosen the diet, specifically, Hills Science Diet y/d. (With this method Georgia can receive a only a very limited list of other foods, because many will interfere with the prescribed diet.) Georgia’s blood levels will also have to be checked once or twice a year. Georgia will have to be a indoor cat, but she does love spending time outside in a controlled environment. Her foster family takes her for walks in a pet stroller and she is lucky enough to spend some time outside in their cat hut, on their deck. If you’d like to meet Georgia or if you have any questions about this sweet older girl, please contact her foster mom Jo, as she would be happy to address any concerns a possible adopter may have.   jgallagher10@yahoo.com

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