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When I came home from a long weekend away, Rosie and Corona seemed happy and content! Corona is never affectionate with anyone other than me and my family, but he was comfortable enough with Jessica after just one weekend, to allow her to pat him! For Corona that's a big step! That is just one of the reasons why I've recommended Top Dog to many of our clients at the local animal hospital I've worked at for over five years. The feedback I've received has been exceptional, every client that I have referred to Top Dog has been completely satisfied and many have made it a point to personally thank me for referring them. I am very thankful that I found such a wonderful person for myself and my clients pets, as I know their furry family members mean as much to them as mine do to me!"
- Lisa, Rosie & Corona's mom

"Thank you for taking such awesome care of Jay, Cremit, Squeaky, Betty, Jack & the house! We appreciated being able to go away knowing we didn't have to worry! They clearly loved you – they hardly acknowledged us when we got back! We'll call again."
- Yvonne, Jay, Cremit, Squeaky, Betty & Jack's mom

"My husband and I have had a boxer for 6 ½ years that has a congenital heart condition. We were told she wouldn't live past two years old! She has had multiple surgeries, and even more hospital visits throughout the years as well as sustaining on 6 pills twice a day. She has beat the odds over and over even after we were told time and time again that she only has 6 more months to live. Jessica has known our baby Gia since she was born and treats her as if she were her own! We seriously do not know what we would do without Jess. We would not have gone on half of the vacations we were able to because Jess watches Gia for us. We are kind of crazy parents due to our pup's condition and we are able to travel and know that Gia is in THE BEST CARE!! Jess not only sends us pics of Gia while we are away but also has taken her to the vet if there were any issues with her. Jessica makes sure Gia gets her pills everyday as well as making sure she eats only the treats we provide (our pup can't have sodium because of her condition). We feel SOOOO blessed to have Jessica as Gia's caregiver while we are away, and because of her, we are able to travel at ease, not having to worry about our little pooper.

I have also watched Jessica firsthand with dogs that she watches. She is AMAZING! ANYONE IS LUCKY to have Jessica watch their dog and we HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that thinks of their pup as a child and wants only the BEST care for them. You and your pup will fall in LOVE with her! Trust me, when we tell our pup Gia that she is going to see Jessica at Too Dog, I swear her tail starts moving like a propeller and sometimes I think she wants to stay longer when we come to pick her up! Jessica is completely committed to making sure that YOUR four–legged child gets the type of care he or she deserves, the care that she would give her own, and seriously, it doesn't get ANY better than that! " - Kim, Gia's mom
- Yvonne, Jay, Cremit, Squeaky, Betty & Jack's mom

"I will be delighted to tell you why I love that Jessica takes care of my Taser. It makes me so comfortable that I know you care for Taser because I can relax and get to work with no worries. Jessica truly loves and understands doggies and it is evident that Taser adores her. Even if he is not feeling his best, I don't fret because Jessica is thoughtful in her care. Sometimes I wonder who Taser would prefer to play with!!! I don't ask. :-)"
-Cheryl, Taser's mom

"Alberta is our 14 year old Chow-Collie mix, she is a wonderful companion but does not always take well to strangers. As Alberta got older we struggled with how best to meet her needs and temperament, we were fortunate to find Jessica and Top Dog Pet Sitting. Jessica is a true professional, she is kind, compassionate and Alberta just loves her.

Alberta has developed some health issues but Jessica has made Alberta's golden years a little easier for us all. I am confident that Alberta has done as well as she has over the past year in large part due to Jessica and her services.

Top Dog is reliable; they have not missed a visit, are always on time and have even helped us out extra when something unexpected has come up. Alberta is well cared for and Top Dog keeps us updated daily. We were able to enjoy an anniversary vacation without worry knowing Alberta was in such good hands. We don't know what we would do without Jessica and Top Dog? We would highly recommend Jessica and Top Dog for your pet sitting needs."
-Natalie, Alberta's mom

"Jessica came to the house to meet our dogs and it was love at first sight. The dogs acted as if they had known Jessica forever. It has been said that “if a dog likes someone, he/she is usually right” Jessica stayed the night and came to the house twice during the day to care for the dogs. I was comfortable leaving her with them, although I missed them. Jessica sent pictures and I could check in with her at any time. When we got home, they were excited to see us, but were not stressed at all. I would highly recommend Jessica Dupere to care for anyones pet."
-Sharon, Katie & Clancy's mom

"In April of 2012 we took a chance and contacted Jessica of Top Dog Pet Sitting. We had never used a pet sitter before nor have I ever taken the time to complete a Google Review. However, after using Jessica several times while we vacationed I can’t pass up the opportunity to share my experience with others who may be considering using a pet sitting service. Using Jessica is a must!!

We have an elderly dog and a rescue dog. The rescue dog trusts very few people however it took him minimal time for him to love Jessica as much as we love the service she provides! We cannot say enough about Jessica from the feeling of comfort we have when our animals are in her care, to the personal text messages that she provides to show us how happy our furry family members are when she comes to visit!

We find Jessica to be professional, yet personable and very accommodating to needs and schedules. She has a true passion and gift in working with animals and we are very glad we found her! Thank you Jessica!"
-Jen, Kona's mom & Ace's aunt

"Thanks Jessica for taking care of Lucy, my 2-year-old boxer. It was my first time letting a stranger in my home overnight for a week, so at first I was very nervous. But when I met Jessica I was more than fine with it. You took good care my dog. She has a lot of energy. Thank you for keeping up her daily routine of walking her and playing with her. She was in better shape than when I left her. Also the pictures Jessica sent me every day were awesome. I will be calling you in the future."
-Mary Ann, Lucy's mom

"I cannot recommend Top Dog highly enough! I had booked my dog to stay at another kennel while we were away, but when he was diagnosed with diabetes shortly before our vacation, I felt he needed more personalized care. Top Dog provided that personalized care and then some. Jessica made sure that my dog not only got his necessary medications, but that he also felt loved! She provided frequent updates with pictures while we were away so that I could see that my dog was well cared for and having fun! Cloud enjoyed meeting new friends and his daily walks. Jessica cared for Cloud as if he were her own dog. If you need a pet sitter who his responsible and loving, call Top Dog! You and your furry friend will not be disappointed!"
-Darlene, Cloud's mom

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we have been with your pet sitting services!

For years now, we have taken Penny to a high end kennel for boarding. We weren't exactly feeling the warm fuzzies, and Penny was always less than thrilled when we would have to leave her, and even less thrilled with us when we picked her up. Not knowing what other options existed, we felt we were making the only choice for her. When a friend mentioned how happy she was with your services, I knew we needed to explore your services as an option. We all knew right away after meeting you that this was now the only option for Miss Penny. It was love at first meeting for Penny. You impressed us with your professionalism, and thorough questioning of her and our needs. The cherry on the top was when you told us that Penny would sleep wherever she was most comfortable!--not in another room, or in a crate, but where she was used to sleeping in our home, you would make sure that she felt right at home in your home! I knew immediately that she was happy staying with you when she didn't even bother to give us a look when we left her with you. The daily pictures and emails were a fantastic touch, and we enjoyed trying to figure out what exciting trails you were adventuring off to! I was excited to learn that she wasn't being left at home--she was welcome to ride along in the car with you as you were off doing daily visits to your other clients. At times, she stayed with you during some extremely hot weather, and you always filled us in on your daily adventures that assured us that your walks were in the early morning with trips to the lake for swim, and afternoons kept inside in the air conditioning. We have never worried about Penny when she has been in your care. There have been times that you were unable to take Penny in your home, but you have always been more than accomodating and made sure to make time to visit with her at our home, taking in our mail, and watering the plants while checking on Penny.

The only complaint is that unlike a typical kennel pick up, Penny isn't overly excited to see us. :) She's really fallen in love with you, and has made your home her second home! She looks forward to her vacations with Miss Jessica, and gets excited at the mention of your name! Thank you, thank you!"
-Diana, Penny's mom

"We are so grateful to have found Jessica and Top Dog Pet Care and would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone that is looking for top-notch pet care.

From the very first meeting when Jessica came to our house and met with us to make sure that she knew exactly what our needs were and that we felt comfortable with her until this very day when she texts us pictures of our babies and provides us with updates while she is caring for them, our experience with Top Dog Pet Care has more than exceeded our expectations.

I actually found Jessica and Top Dog Pet Care from doing an online search several months after an experience with a previous dog sitter left one of our dogs completely blind. As you can imagine, we were extremely nervous and fearful about leaving our babies with anyone because of our prior experience. From reading about Jessica on her website, it was completely apparent how much she loves animals, and that is one of the main reasons I chose to contact her. Since Jessica began caring for our babies, she has completely alleviated all of our fears, won our trust with her love of our animals, attention to detail while caring for them and her friendly personality. Other impressive qualities that we appreciate in Jessica include her friendliness, professionalism, communication, flexibility with our schedules, concern for our babies' well-being, and the fact that all of our babies absolutely adore her. We like to think of her as our own personal Dog Whisperer!

Since one of our dogs is completely blind, he requires special care. Jessica has administered medications to him, hand-fed him during his dinnertime and carefully carried him outside to do his business. She is always gentle and loving with him. Even though he is blind and has never actually seen Jessica, all I have to do is mention that "Jessica is coming to see you," and he wags his tail and tilts his head from side to side. We joke that he is quite the 'man of leisure' and it takes a lot to get him excited, but he comes out of hanging out in one of his 'spots' whenever her hears her name. It is very evident how much he loves her.

Another helpful thing that Jessica does is if she notices anything "out of the ordinary" with any of our babies, she always lets us know so that we can make sure that they are all healthy and happy at all times. This has been very helpful to us since she began coming to care for our babies. One of our beloved dogs passed away in August, and Jessica was the first to notice that she was 'off' over a month before she passed. Jessica articulated her concern to us, we brought our girl to see our vet and found out that she was in fact ill. When she did pass, Jessica was supportive and loving with our entire family, and for that we will be forever grateful.

In summary, again, we would wholeheartedly and highly recommend Jessica and Top Dog Pet Care to anyone that has a pet that wants the best care possible while you are away and not able to care for your pet yourself. You will be thrilled with your decision to have Jessica and Top Dog Pet Care caring for your babies. I know we are. :0)"
-Laurie, Tweetie & Bruno's mom

"We can't thank you enough for all your care & kindness towards Zoe!"
- Amanda, Zoe's mom

"It's not easy to trust Gracie with someone, let alone give someone keys to your house, but I have been so happy - with you!"
- Alethea, Gracie's mom

"Thank you for walking Tyson twice a week. He loves your walks and always seems so happy on those days"
- Lucretia, Tyson's mom

"Thanks for always taking such good care of the pups. They obviously love you to pieces!"
- Audrey, Huey & Molly's mom

"Adam and I can not thank you enough for all the love you give to Tyson. He looks so forward to mom & dad going to work so he can walk with you!!"
- Andrea & Adam, Tyson's mom & dad

"Thanks again. It's a big relief that all went so well. You have such a positive sense of energy and it's so great!"
- Linda, Snoop's mom and Rondo's grandmother

And last, but certainly not least, a very special testimonial written by Jeri the Border Collie, with a little help from his Mum Tuula:

"Dear Jessica, Last summer, I was just over a year old when I got to know you. I found out, that my family would have to leave the country for many weeks to get their visas renewed. They had planned on taking me with them, but the flight people did not want to take me with them because they thought it would be too hot on the way back in July. My Mum got so sad, she couldn't think of putting me in a jail. Okay for a short time for some dogs? Not me! I want my exercise AND mingle with people!

My Mum didn't give up, and finally she ended up at my vet's asking if they would know a place where I could stay during their visit overseas. She got into tears when she found out that there was this one woman, who would board dogs in her house and take care of them as they would be her own. That was you, Jessica.

My Mum calls you "an angel" for saving them not to send me in jail for a month for a crime without incrimination. Well, taken into consideration that my worst crime is to love people too much... I even go to the vet's office dancing! Why wouldn't I? I can see all the wonderful friends I have there, again! But it is not my fault to be so friendly, as a matter of fact, I blame all the humans who have been so friendly and loving towards me. When I was little, they would kneel down in front of me and call me "Oh My God". I thought that it must be my name!

Being a border collie boy I worried a little, if you would have the energy with me.

My family took me to meet you before they left, and I just loved it at your place! Big fenced yard and all the toys!!! You even asked for the basic words in their language to tell me things. Well, I am bilingual, and the basic things are universal within the canine family, and I would definitely name you as a member of that.

They told me, that they would come back for me, but frankly, in this place and with you Jessica, I would not have minded them not doing that at all...

That month was my summer vacation, I had so many new friends, great family time, Independence Day in the White Mountains with your family. I remember you placing me in the back of the car with the pleasant music going on. Of course you had had the air conditioning running after the hot day. I stayed there for the short time you folks started the fire works, I saw and heard them and enjoyed, but appreciated you putting me in the car for that time. It was so considerate of you. I could have that relaxing nap after the gorgeous day...

I also remember us swimming in that cool river in the mountains. I was on a leash for security, you holding on to it, and this "other guy" taping under-water video of us swimming. It was so refreshing! And great exercise on a hot day!

I also heard afterwards, that you had sent all these pictures and videos about our days by email to my family. I so much appreciate that, I thought it was just what they needed, since otherwise they would have been worrying all the time, how I would be doing. I knew they missed me enormously, so it was nice of you to let them know I was having the time of my life.

Well, after the nearly 4 weeks they were away, they came back feeling all so sorry for leaving me. They worried so much, if I would go back to them, since I had had such a good time with you and all my new friends. Well, vacation is for vacation, I jumped in the car pretty soon they came to get me, after all the welcoming hugs and running over and over in the yard and showing all the new turns I had found out during that month playing with my friends.

Now I am happy having lived my life with my family after the summer, it has been pretty nice. They take me to 3-6 miles walks or runs almost every day, so at this point they don't let me see you often enough. They like it when I bring the ball back to them, and I do that to make them happy. I must say, that they throw the ball pretty well after all the hard practice I have made them go through. They also make me do all this they call "obedience", and I must say I kind of like that, even though the word sounds so disgusting. I find it more like working with them. Then, they have all this they call "work" and "school" so they couldn't go away and bring me back to your place for a visit... yeah right... I sure hope they would go on a vacation soon again!

With all my love (and there is lots of it),