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NAME: MooMoo
SHELTER: https://www.rescueleague.org/dogs
BREED: Terrior Mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 4 Years
STORY: MooMoo here!
I could be the girl of your dreams! In fact I probably am…
If you’re looking for a movie marathon cuddle buddy, I am your girl. If you want to go on a nice walk, I’ll love that, I’ve got plenty of energy! But nights in to bond and snuggle are just as good, if not better. I am very excited about just about everything life has to offer, and sometimes my excitement can be a little much, but as soon as I settle in I am a total couch potato. I am potty trained so no worries about that nonsense! I do like having doggy friends, but I think at this point in my life I am looking for a home for just me! Cats are a little too exciting for me, and I think they would prefer to live without me and my… enthusiasm. Kids seem cool, however my excitement can get the best of me sometimes so I think 12 and up would be best. They need to be the “I get knocked down, but I get up again!” type. I’m all wiggles and love (the main mutt ingredients), and I’m so ready to meet my future!
I’d love to meet you!

NAME: Bebe
SHELTER: https://www.rescueleague.org/dogs
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1 Year 8 Months
STORY: What has pointy ears, short stubby legs, and a barrel for a body?
Our favorite girl Bebe!
This big chunk is an absolute sweetheart. She is the perfect combination of “ready to rumble” and “couch potato”.
This lady has had a bit of a rough start in life, first dumped at a shelter in South Carolina back in May of 2019, Bebe would spend the next several months in that shelter overcoming heartworm disease, waiting for a northern shelter to pick her. We couldn’t be happier that she is with us. Her spitfire antics bring a smile to our faces. She loves to wrestle with her male dog friends (she can be a bit headstrong with the female dogs), and has been known for chewing on their elbows. She loves to play with toys and enjoys a wellmade frozen kong after an afternoon of play.
She could potentially live with other dogs, but no cats for this girl….
Teens and up, for human family members as this barrel chested lady has been known to barrel her way through people when excited!
Come meet Bebe today!!!

NAME: Ashlyn
SHELTER: https://www.manchesteranimalshelter.org/browse-pets/
BREED: German Shepherd Mix
AGE: 2.5
STORY:  Meet Ashlyn! This little peanut arrived from South Carolina. She is about 2.5 years old weighing just short of 40 pounds. Unfortunately, we don’t have much info on her history prior to being rescued but we are determined to find her the best home possible!

She is the most timid out of the group of transports we received, but that doesn’t define her personality. Being relocated from strange place to strange place is enough to make the most well-adjusted pup uncomfortable. However, in just a few short days Ashlyn has been here, we have been lucky enough to watch her adjust. This tells us one thing for certain, this girl has drive and we have complete confidence with consistent affection and encouragement, Ashlyn is on her way to being a star! This a strong requirement in her new home as well. If you have patience, lot’s of love and want to be a part of her success story, then Ashlyn may be the right one for you!

It may take a moment for Ashlyn to warm up to you, but she is getting quicker every day. Not to mention the fact when she does choose to be your friend, it’s an honor that you should hold dearly. In fact, you should brag about it to as many people as possible. Don’t get me wrong she is not a diva! She is smart. As we stated before we don’t know her past, so perhaps she trusted the wrong people and learned from that. The most important thing is she is willing to try again.

Ashlyn is learning “how to dog” as we like to put it. Mundane tasks such as walking with the wind in her face, what to do with toys or running on a leash. She is a good walker, she doesn’t pull but all the sounds and stimuli on walks get a little distracting. That’s where you come in! This is where your bond will strengthen. A calm reassurance that everything is just fine and a few bites of a yummy treat is all it takes to carry on your way.
Imagine all the new experiences you and Ashlyn get to go through and the growth you get to witness.

Although Ashlyn is timid, get her around another dog and she comes right out of her shell. She does have a crush on one of her transport buddies, Pancake. You might say they are boyfriend and girlfriend. You find love in the oddest places! She would do best with another dog in the home but no kitties or kiddos. Children should be 12 and up.

There is no telling what the future holds for Ashlyn once she gains some confidence and skills of her own! If you are interested in this sweet babe, stop by and meet her today!

NAME: Hercules
SHELTER: https://www.manchesteranimalshelter.org/browse-pets/
BREED: Great Dane Pit Bull Terrier Mix
AGE: 2
STORY:  Appropriately named Hercules, this 80 pound Dane mix is the epitome of a gentle giant. Just 2 years old, this goof is very puppy-like. Hercules is good with other dogs, cats and children 12 and up.

The best way to describe Hercules is a big love. His beautiful, squish face draws you in, where you will be smothered with kisses. He will hug like a human, standing on his hind legs, resting his front legs on your shoulders. His adopter needs to be just as affectionate as he is.

Any activity with Hercules is both entertaining and adorable. Watching him run around on those tall legs, flailing his giant paws just puts a smile on your face. He is enthusiastic about EVERYTHING and will make a loyal companion, onboard and ready to go! He’s a tug-of-war champ and enjoys pretty much any game. He can keep himself occupied but prefers interaction. He is a curious pup that needs stimulation. Bring him to the dog park or go for a hike! Like most pups, Hercules enjoys a good car ride, but he will take up the whole back seat, fair warning!

Hercules is heartworm positive but is currently being treated. The treatment takes a few months. During his treatment, it is imperative he stays quiet and calm, which is the opposite of what he wants to be! Hercules will require an attentive adopter to watch over him during this time. It is only temporary! After his treatment, Hercules is free to be the silly, energetic, pup gallivanting around.

If you are interested in Hercules, stop by and meet him during our open business hours!


NAME: Amaretto
SHELTER: https://www.rescueleague.org/dogs
GENDER: Female
AGE: 3 Years 8 Months
STORY:  First things first… I’m deaf. I can’t hear anything. But I don’t let that keep me from joining in on all of the fun activities life has to offer, they just have to stay on-leash or fenced in!
I’m looking for a person who is patient and kind. It sometimes takes me a little longer to figure out what people want from me. And sometimes I get so overwhelmed, I let a little bit of my naughty side slip out. When I don’t quite understand the rules or what things are, I tend to be rude and jumpy and….I don’t like to admit this, but I even tug on people’s clothes with my mouth.
Okay, now that you know that I have my faults, let me tell you all the great things about me! I love to play! I like to play with other dogs, as long as they are polite when first meeting; however, I need more training before I can live with one. If they are, I’m happy to wrestle and get so much joy of having them chase me. I’m learning sign language and know some of my basic commands. Car rides can be fun and I’m happy to get lots of pets.
I’m looking for a home with just a few people. Big families can be overwhelming for me, so much goes on and I just get overwhelmed. I’d love to have dog friends but would do best being the only pet in the home. It’s hard for me to make adjustments to new places, but once I have I would be welcoming to a permanent canine friend. The shelter staff say that I should definitely not live with cats or small animals… apparently intense chasing of them is not a welcomed behavior. Who knew?
I’m no apartment dweller, because even though I can sleep through any noise, I don’t tend to realize how much noise I make at times! Sometimes I just have to bark at my toys and pounce on them! If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you should, it makes all the shelter folks smile real big and laugh, so it must be good! They tell me I cry loudly when being crated for the first couple of times someplace new. I know we would get past that, but close neighbors are not always so understanding.
So that’s me. Are you an active person, live in a suburban or rural area and are patient? We should be good friends. I’d love to meet you! We’ll be a perfect match if you hate the rain as much as I do… just sayin’.

NAME: Maple
SHELTER: https://www.manchesteranimalshelter.org/browse-pets/
BREED: Domestic Short Hair
GENDER: Female
AGE: 9
STORY: Hi everyone, my name is Maple, and I am a 9 year young girl who would love to shower you with love! I am mostly black, with some white fur on me here and there, and a locket of white on my chest.

I love to lay in the sun and take nice long catnaps on a super soft blanket every afternoon. I am a good listener, and all of your secrets would be safe with me. I would love to find myself a quiet home where I could be your only princess; no other cats or children for me in my new home please.

My age makes me available at the shelter’s senior adoption rate of $35.00, and if you are over the age of 65, the rate goes down to $25.00.

Please come in and visit me; I can’t wait to tell you what an awesome girl that I am! Xoxo, Maple

NAME: Baron Curie
SHELTER: https://www.manchesteranimalshelter.org/browse-pets/
BREED: Domestic Medium Hair
AGE: 5 Years
STORY: This stately 5 year old gentleman is Baron Curie! When Baron first arrived he was not happy about his new quarters and greeted his caretakers with a hiss and a head tuck to hide his face. He has since warmed up nicely to humans and enjoys having his soft silky coat petted and brushed. Because he is a bit reserved, his new home should have no dogs or little children. His perfect home will be a quiet one with a cat savvy owner, and a cat buddy that might help Baron come out of his shell more quickly. Baron has a tendency to hide in new surroundings, so he should be kept in a single room as he gets to know you and his new home. If Baron Curie sounds like the guy for you, please stop by to meet him.

NAME: Cody
SHELTER: https://www.rescueleague.org/dogs
BREED: Hound
GENDER: Male (Fixed)
AGE: 7
STORY: Hi there, I’m Cody! I am a big handsome hound fella who has found himself at the shelter! I am a really sweet guy, and I like pretty much everyone I meet! When I get excited, I do the goofiest prance that is pretty hard not to fall in love with, if I do say so myself.
Here’s the thing about me–I am not an independent dude. I don’t do well on my own! I get very very attached to my people, and I have what they call “separation anxiety”. I really just want to be wherever you are! Ideally, my perfect home would be with folks who worked from home, or maybe could take me to work with them! I get very stressed and sad when I am alone, so a home with folks who are away often won’t work for me. I know this might be a lot to ask, but I promise I’m worth it. Everyone I know loves me! I am really a chill dude when my people are around, I’m pretty low key and go-with-the-flow.
I am not the biggest fan of dogs, I tolerate them but prefer they leave me be. I could perhaps live with a dog who felt the same and left me alone, but dogs who want to play with me are a no-go. As far as kids go, I think 14 and up would be the best for me.
If you are a homebody- you might be the one for me!

NAME: Biggie
SHELTER: https://www.manchesteranimalshelter.org/browse-pets/
BREED: Pit Bull Terrier
AGE: Adult
STORY: Hello folks! It’s Biggie here aka Mr. Biggs and I am searching for my forever home. As you can see I am a Pit Bull Terrier and 70 pounds of lovebug! The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster! Some good folks scooped me up in the city and eventually, I found my way to the shelter. Let me tell you, I have had it with all this moving around. I need consistency and a place to call my own!

I need a person in my life. One that is mine and only mine. Someone dedicated to me and my wellbeing. Someone who will encourage me when I need help and comfort me in times of uncertainty. In return, you will have my unconditional love and loyalty. My desire is to be someone’s shadow. I will follow you where ever you go. Let’s go for a ride in the car! Let me grab my stick and we can go play! Having a bad day? I’ll just plant myself beside you and listen. You will never be alone! I will be your best friend and confidant. I want you to need me as much as I need you.

I am a sensitive boy, but I am a giant puppy at heart! I love to play! Plush toys and squeakies are no match for me! Give me a strong rope toy and watch me tug! I do love to chew on nylabones too. It keeps me busy and my teeth look beautiful! Just look at my winning smile! I am an active pooch so exercise is a must! After a solid playtime, I turn into a lap dog. Yes, I will sit all 70 pounds on your lap… or at least try. I need that affection and close contact and I am not afraid to ask for it.

So what does my ideal home look like? My adopter should be patient and willing to work with me so I can get some skills down like walking well on a leash. No one taught me the basics so I am just now learning how to be a dog. I shouldn’t be alone for long periods of time at least until I am more comfortable in my new home. An apartment dwelling will not suit me. I also need space to run around. A fenced-in yard would be best since my leash skills are sub-par. I do need to be the only pet and any kids need to be 15 and older. I need someone to give me a chance to become the dog I am meant to be! Are you the home for me?! Come by the shelter and meet me today!

**Biggie is only to be shown by staff. Staff is available at these times:**

Mon: 12-4
Tues: 12-6
Thurs: 12-6
Fri: 12-4
Sat: 10-4

Past Adoptable Pets of the Week Still In Need of Forever Homes

SHELTER: https://www.rescueleague.org/dogs
AGE: 1 Year 6 Months
STORY:  Hiya, I’m Taz!
I am a high energy pup who is looking for a home of my own! I came all the way from the South to find my one! I am a sweet smart guy who loves to play. Balls, nylabones, plush toys you name it and I’ll toss it around. I do need some training to learn my basic manners, but I am a smart guy and I would enjoy learning new things! I have a doggy friend here, and we play very well, but I can come off strong and not all dogs like that, so often me and new dogs have a rocky start. Any future canine roommates should come in and meet me first to make sure we can get along. I don’t think cats would appreciate my exuberance, so I would like a home without them. As far as kids go, I think teens would be best for me right now while I am working on my manners.
Am I the pup for you? Ask to meet me!

NAME: Church “Winston Churchill”
SHELTER: https://www.rescueleague.org/dogs
BREED: Terrior/Pit Bull Mix
AGE: 1 Year 10 Months
STORY: Hi there, Winston Churchill here, but I’m also known as Church.

I am a very handsome guy who is just looking for my forever home. I LOVE people! When I see them, I just can’t stop wiggling! I have some commands under my belt. I know “sit,” “stay,” and “lay down.” I would really benefit from more training though. I can get jumpy when I get really excited. I have a lot of energy, I would love long walks or a huge yard to run around in and play with toys.

I would do best in a home with older children. I could possibly have dog friends outside of the home but I would not do well living with another dog. I also would like a home without cats. I really like to chase small animals and I may not live well with a cat.

If I sound like the guy for your home, please ask about me! 

NAME: Berkley
SHELTER: https://www.rescueleague.org/dogs
AGE: 1 Year 7 Months
STORY: Hi, Berkley here!
I am a southern boy who traveled all the way here to find my forever home. I think everything is fun, interesting and meant for play, especially you. Anything you do, I’ll want to do too. With my own brand of surprises, life with me will keep you constantly on your toes, and the fun is guaranteed. I would love a family that will take me to training classes. I am so eager to learn and love to please my people! I have a ton of energy and would love an active family to call my own.
I could possibly live with another dog but we need to do a dog meeting to be sure that we get along. I could also live with sturdy teens who are willing to be a part of my training. I can get really jumpy and mouthy when I am over excited. I would not be able to live with cats as I would just love to chase them.
If I sound like the perfect guy to fit into your family, please ask about me! 

NAME: Coleslaw
SHELTER: https://www.manchesteranimalshelter.org/browse-pets/
BREED: Domestic Short Hair
AGE: 11
STORY:  This stately gentleman is Coleslaw. He is 11 years young and is looking for a quiet forever home. Being new to the shelter, you can find him usually hiding under his bed, but he is very sweet and happily accepts pets from anyone that will offer them. He has some residual scar tissue on his eye, but it just adds to his charm. Coleslaw would do best in a home where there is another cat in residence. Don’t have another cat, you say? Well, his brother-in-arms is here at the shelter with him, and would love to go home along with Coleslaw. If you can see this fella in your future, please come in soon and ask to meet him.
His age (8+) makes him available at the shelter’s senior adoption rate of $35.00, and if you are a senior over the age of 65, the rate goes down to $25.00.

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