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Top Dog Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Staff

Tara C. –  Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

“I have had a love and fascination for animals from a very young age. A passion that has led to volunteering in caring for domestic and wild animals alike. Such organizations include the NHSPCA and Project Wildlife Rehabilitation Center located in San Diego, California.  I have a collective 15+ years of experience in caring for dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians. These experiences include caring and raising puppies and very young kittens.

My long term career goal is in scientific research in aquatic systems. I majored in Zoology at the University of New Hampshire and look to pursue graduate studies in either conservation ecology or developmental ecology. During my time at UNH as an undergraduate I assisted in the Marine Invertebrate Ecology lab for 2 years. I ran my own solo project on sea anemones before moving onto a developmental ecology study with axolotl (Mexican salamander) larvae.

Much of my free time these days is spent looking after the newest additions to my fur family. Two young and mischievous cats named Griffin and Nova. They are a handful but their antics have provided endless amounts of amusement!”

Susie J. – Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

“I am married and have three young adult children and have lived in Londonderry for 20 years. I have always enjoyed being with animals and as a young teen, I spent time with animals whenever I could. One of my passions is horseback riding. I loved grooming, feeding and cleaning the barn stalls in exchange for riding time.

I have volunteered whenever I could at local animal shelters and veterinarian clinics, helping with the general duties necessary to care for the animals. I became a dog groomer and enjoyed grooming dogs until I started my family and became a stay at home mom.

My husband and I now have a home-based office furniture sales business. Because my children are older, I am finally able to get back to spending more time with animals again.

All my life I have had at least one dog in my family. I currently have 3 dogs, my 11-year-old pug Bandit and my two rescue dogs Izzie and Lucky. I have been interested in dog rescue organizations for many years and hope to foster dogs in the future.

I also have interest in learning more about dog training and hope to support dog owners in their desire to train their own dogs.

Dog walking and pet sitting has been a wonderful addition to my personal and professional life.  I look forward to walking, caring and spending time with your pet!.”

Danielle J. – Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

Animals have been a major part of my life since I was born. I have owned everything from mice to parrots to dogs. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with animals. I have a special place in my heart for dogs. Their smiles and energy can warm my heart no matter what day I am having. It amazes me the joy that animals can bring into your life and the absolute pureness of their souls. I love my job at TopDog because it is never a bad day to go to work.

I have a seven year old mutt named Lucky at home. He is a sweet boy that loves to be pet, eat clementines, and guard the yard from squirrels! The most rewarding work I have done is training my dogs and giving them all my love. That is what makes me overjoyed when working with animals. I love to learn what makes them happy whether it is their favorite place to be scratched or that one treat they go over the moon for. One of my favorite parts of this job is meeting new animals and creating a special bond with them.

At 23 years old I have changed my hobbies and interests many times but one thing has always remained the same, my love for animals! I am excited to meet your family’s pets and encourage good behaviors, keep them healthy, and most of all… make them as happy as they deserve!”

Shawna M. – Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

“I have always had a love for animals and have always had some kind of furry friend. I am a wife and a mother of 3 school aged kids. We currently have one dog – a pit bull and three cats, all are rescue animals!

I love my job for many reasons. I get to spend my days with lots of different animals and it works perfectly with my busy mom schedule! I look forward to spending time with your beloved furry friends and giving them the love they deserve!”

Lori D. – Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

“I have always loved animals, especially dogs. I am always able to connect with dogs on a deeper level. Dogs are the best listeners!

I was looking for a job while my daughter is at school that would also incorporate my love of animals. Becoming a dog walker was a perfect fit. I have developed amazing relationships with the pups I walk and their families. I always care for them as if they are my own and tailor walks to how the pups are feeling that day and find ways to make our time together fun and engaging. I absolutely adore my job! To walk in a client’s home and see happy, wagging tails excited to go for a walk with me is so rewarding. I get the privilege of caring for some of the most important members of a family.

We have 2 dogs at home. Buddy Boy, a 3-year-old rescue beagle, and Wrigley, a 3-year-old goofy golden retriever. We rescued Buddy from Friends of Homeless Animals of Rhode Island in 2018. He is a very sweet boy, but you can tell he had a rough start to his life. Giving him a safe and loving home has been so fulfilling. I couldn’t imagine my life not surrounded by dogs.”

Allysa M. – Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

“I am a huge animal lover! I have always cared for all animals as a child and continued to do so throughout my life and while raising my own family.
I am married with 3 beautiful children, we have 2 white shepherds Lily & Gage, a little CKCS named Jesco and a ferret named Felicia.

I am quite active and love to be outside in the woods with my family . We are often playing on a lake, river or mountain somewhere.
I enjoy my role as a caregiver and a nurturer, seems to come very naturally for me.

I studied business in college, I have been a dog groomer, I’ve volunteered at shelters throughout the years, I have pet sat for many friends & neighbors throughout the years as well, it has given me the flexibility to be home raising my babies but now they are getting older and I am able to spend more time with animals again and I love my job dog walking!!!!

I look forward to getting to know and care for your fur babies!!”

Christine B – Exceptional Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

“From the time I was a little girl I can remember always wanting to care for canines. I was 3 years old when my mom brought home two retriever puppies..I did not name them well, one was black so I called him Blackie and one brown hence Brownie, but I loved them so much! I had a few kittens growing up also, they were as cute as can be, but very mischievous!

I was married for 18 years and we had adopted three retired racing greyhounds: Murphy, Tex & Rush. We had two Cocker Spaniels: Lady & Taffy. A Springer Spaniel: Coco. 2 parakeets: Penelope & Percival. Mind you we did not have them all at once! Broke my heart into a million pieces when they had to leave us from ailments and old age, but the time we did have with them I cherished.

Currently my boyfriend and I have a 14 year old Miniature Doberman pinscher named Rudolph. In 2007 my boyfriend went to the pet store to get fish food and saw Rudolph as such a cute little puppy that he took him home and named him Rudolph as it was Christmas Eve. About 3 years ago we found out he had diabetes. We have to watch for any sugars/crude fats in his diet very carefully and administer 2 insulin shots per day, but knowing it’s what needs to be done to keep him healthy and happy is so rewarding.

I retired from the telephone company after 33 years of sitting in a cube and decided to go after my dream job! To be able to be outside doing what I love the most, taking care of animals. Just a walk or a treat or love to a pet is so much appreciated by them.

I am so much looking forward to caring for your pet with whatever their needs may be!”

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